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Explore the culinary traditions of New Mexico

New Mexico's culinary tradition relies heavily on chile. Visitors may find it peculiar that we add chile to virtually every meal, but it is a delicious complement to sweet and savory dishes. The piquant nuance distinguishes New Mexican food from our neighbors.

New Recipes

Hatch Chile

The Hatch Chile Store

The Hatch Chile Store supplies retail grocers, distributors, restaurants, and salsa and sauce manufacturers with millions of pounds of their world famous chile every year. All of their green chile is grown in the Hatch Valley of Southern NM and is certified by the Hatch Chile Association. Roasted, peeled, and frozen hatch green chile in 25lb boxes, sauces and salsas, red chile ristras, as well as red and green chile powders and pods.




The Sopapilla is a popular New Mexican bread that can be prepared with a variety of twists. They are often served in restaurants as a dessert, but they are...

Green Chile Cheese Bread

New Mexicans are known for our addiction to chile. We find ways to integrate it into virtually every meal. We use it beyond traditional New Mexican cuisine. Chile Wine,...
Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos

The smell of roasting chile is a sign that fall has arrived in New Mexico. The scent of the state’s signature crop roasting permeates the air, inducing hunger and...
Hatch green chile and cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon

Hatch Green Chile & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon

Green Chile Stuffed Chicken Breast Green chile is good in virtually everything, whether spicing up pizza or building a better burger. Whereas other pepper varieties can be substituted for green...
Chicken adovada

Red Chile Chicken Adovada

The Hatch Chile Store, located in Las Cruces, grows, produces and ships genuine Hatch chile nationwide. They supply hundreds of restaurants and food suppliers in the state with green...


A Cookie with a History The biscochito is a crisp, lard or butter-based cookie, flavored with cinnamon and anise. It is a variation of the traditional Mexican wedding cookie. The...
Chile verde

Chile Verde Sauce

From: Cafe Pasquals Cookbook Spirited Recipes From Santa Fe Cafe Pasquals Cookbook  by Katherine Kagel Cafe Pasqual's is named after San Pasqual, the folk saint of Mexican and New Mexican...

Green Chile Corn Chowder

Chile is synonymous with New Mexico. It is the core component of our culinary tradition and one of the state’s biggest crops. In New Mexico chile is available for...


Chicos (Spanish for “small) have been a staple of the local culinary tradition since the time of the Ancestral Puebloans. Chicos are made by steaming whole ears of corn...
Green chile and cheese biscuits with green chile sausage gravy

Hatch Green Chile Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

For a green chile laden alternative to breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros, try adding southwestern spice to a southern classic, biscuits and gravy. The green chile biscuits are tasty...
Zuni tamales


If you are going to make tamales, make a lot. The time investment warrants mass production and they freeze well. Tamales are a labor of love, a time consuming process,...


The founders of El Parasol and El Paragua, Luis and Frances Atencio, were always busy around the holidays, though the focus wasn’t on food being served at their busy...

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Colorful vegetables

New Mexico Farmers & Growers Markets

New Mexico Farmers Markets Did we miss someone? Errors? Updates? Suggestions? Issues with the webpage? Let me know in the comments below. Please include name, address,...

Flavors of New Mexico

When I moved away from New Mexico I missed my family, friends, the mountains, and food, though not necessarily in that order. My frequent...

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