Pueblo Balloon logoPueblo Balloon flies in the spectacular Rio Grande Gorge, outside of Taos New Mexico. They are one of only two operators permitted to operate in the gorge and they adhere to strict rules when taking guests into this majestic national monument.

The flight begins with a meeting the balloon crew in Taos. They drive you to the launch site near the gorge. Once inflated, the balloon drifts gently toward the gorge. When mother nature is cooperative, they drift down into the gorge and kiss the Rio Grande river. Eventually, the balloon rides the air currents higher, the wind ferrying the balloon back to the rim of the gorge. Once the balloon lands, the crew conducts a celebratory champagne toast and presents each passenger with a flight certificate to commemorate their addition to the world of hot air ballooning. The memories of course, last forever.

Pueblo BalloonPueblo Balloon
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