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The Hidden River

In The Hidden River, the third book of the Mogi Franklin Mysteries, the young hero must find a sacred object hidden by the ancient people of Acoma Pueblo.

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The Hidden River | Book 4 of the Mogi Franklin Mysteries

A crazed professor is on a rampage to prove that horrible crimes were committed by the ancient ancestors of today’s Pueblo Indians. His murderous accusations stir the community into anger and violence.

Vacationing nearby, Mogi Franklin and his family are suddenly caught up in the turmoil roiling the countryside. In this third book of the exciting Mogi Franklin Mysteries, the young hero must find a sacred object hidden by the ancient people of Acoma Pueblo somewhere in the vast, forbidding lava beds of western New Mexico.

To those who lived on the stark, high mesa four hundred years ago, it held a magic that could defeat the Spanish conquistadors despite their steel and steeds. To Mogi, it was an ancient mystery he must solve to stem the rising tide of bloodshed. But the clock is ticking, and his deranged adversary traps Mogi, Jennifer, and their friends in the absolute darkness of an underground cavern, with little hope of escape.

Donald Willerton

Don Willerton has lived in New Mexico for several decades, climbing its mountains, rafting its rivers, hiking its mesas and valleys, exploring its caves, wandering its art markets, and learning its history. The land and the people are his inspiration for stories, and he values the spiritual and mystical qualities that the Southwest exudes. In particular, he is fascinated with stories, people, and legends of the Old West.

He is the author of the Mogi Franklin Mysteries, a series of middle-grade mystery stories that feature the country, culture, and history of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. The first book of the series, THE GHOSTS OF THE SAN JUAN, won First Place in the Middle Grade or Young Adult novel category of the 2001 Southwest Writers Contest. It also won a Juvenile Fiction Finalist award from the NM/AZ Book Awards 2017. The second book THE LOST CHILDREN, won that category.


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