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Simply Unique Collection | Turquoise Earrings


These 13 mm x 13 mm turquoise earrings are from Jack Boglioli’s Simply Unique Collection. The lever-back ear wires are sterling silver.

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These turquoise earrings are from Jack Boglioli’s Simply Unique Collection. They feature two turquoise stones set in sterling and fine silver. They incorporate Jack Boglioli’s precious metal binding and weaving techniques in a simple yet elegant style. This makes for earrings that are understated, but very unique.

Design Details

The earrings are about is 13 mm (1/2 inch) tall and 13 mm (1/2 inch) wide. The lever-back ear wires are sterling silver.


Turquoise is a form of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. It tends to form in dry desert areas deep underground. Turquoise has been a part of human adornment for thousands of years. Archeological evidence suggests that Chinese artisans were carving it as long ago as 3000 years or more. Also, it is a birthstone for the month of December. Follow the link below if you want further information about turquoise.

About Turquoise

Jack Boglioli

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Jack Boglioli started creating jewelry in 2008. During a 7 year period of self learning he practiced the techniques of binding and weaving precious metals, exploring what was possible to create using almost no tools. At that time, he says, “I became captivated by the level of focus and precision this process demanded, and the intricate layered textures that it could produce in a finished piece”.

Journey to New Mexico

After moving from New York to New Mexico, he received formal training in traditional jewelry making at Central New Mexico Community College, in 2015. Today, his goal is to achieve a seamless integration of traditional metalsmithing techniques with the binding and weaving methods he became so enamored with from the start. He explains:

“All of my designs incorporate special binding and weaving techniques executed with thin strands of fine silver and high karat gold. I use these methods to embellish a piece, bind multiple components together, and trap stones into a fabricated framework. The beauty of woven silver and gold is incomparable, especially when it is used to set stones. From closeup and far away it tends to draw the viewer in, to experience it’s finer details. I strive to showcase this beauty, while maintaining the structural integrity and elegance of a well crafted jewelry piece.”

Design Process

Every piece begins as an idea in the shape of a particular form, technique, arrangement or combination of colors. I often work those ideas out through a series of rough sketches in a notebook. The good qualities of all of the rough sketches are then brought together to make a finalized design, drawn to scale. I use the final design as both a visual rendering and a functional blueprint for the creation process.

In 2018, Jack was named “Jewellery Designer of the Year – USA” by U.K. based LUX Life Magazine.

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