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Have you ever visited a destination and had the feeling that there is a much deeper story beneath the surface? Well, the surreal landscape of the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness and astonishing architecture of Chaco Culture National Historical Park both evoke that sensation and Navajo Tours USA provides an extensive narrative of these mystical places to guests during half-day walking tours. The company is a 100% Native American owned. They share the indigenous history with visitors, providing educational awareness, while honoring Native American traditions and values.

Bisti Wilderness Adventure

Experience New Mexico’s treasured fantasy land of bizarre rock formations, with names like the Egg Hatchery, Hoodoo City, Stone Wings, Alien Throne, Rock Garden, King of Wings and more! The Bisti was named one of the “Best Trips 2019” by National Geographic Travel. Navajo Tours provides a five-hour walking tour, featuring an in-depth look at the area’s landscape, legends, and Navajo culture as visitors roam the surreal moonscape of weathered sandstone, shale, coal and silt.
  • This tour is available year-round, with prices starting at $130 per person for adult couples. However, group prices is available. Please contact them directly for details.
  • As a Wilderness designation, the area is closed to motorized vehicles. The walking tour is a total distance of 2 – 6.5 miles. Additionally, there are custom itineraries available upon request.
  • Guests meet their Navajo guide near the junction of Highway 371 and County road 7297 at the wilderness signage or, for custom itineraries, at prearranged meet-up locations.

Chaco Canyon Adventure

Chaco Canyon is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. For over 1,000 years, the structures built in Chaco Canyon have withstood the test of time. Between 900-1150 A.D., Chaco Canyon was a major center of culture and trade for the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. Chacoans quarried sandstone blocks and hauled timber from great distances, assembling fifteen major complexes which remained the largest buildings in North America until the 19th century. The construction of Great Houses spanned hundreds of miles, based on celestial alignments. The amazing architecture, coordinated with astronomy, is a testament to the advanced engineering skill of the Ancestral Puebloans. Today, indigenous communities in the region remain connected to Chaco Canyon through both kinship and ceremony.
  • Offered year-round, with prices starting at $147 per person for adult couples. However, group pricing is available. Contact Navajo Tours for a quote.
  • This tour is a vehicle/walking tour. The itinerary includes parking at three trailheads and walking to each of the Great Houses. In total, the distance covered is 3 – 4 miles. For guests with specific interests or needs, custom itineraries are available upon request.
  • Visitors can arrange to meet their guide at a prearranged location. Alternately, guides can meet guests at the Chaco Culture National Historical Park Visitor Center.
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