Normally, I stick to recipes that draw on uniquely local ingredients, like blue corn, chile, etc. However, over the last several years, it has been my mom’s recipes that have gotten the most attention and her pie crust is a winner. Also, the world is currently on Covid lock down, so normal is out the window for the moment.

Flaky Pie Crust Recipe

My mother’s pie crust is so good that I tend to avoid pie from any other source. She inherited the recipe from my great-grandmother. The recipe can be easily scaled up or down based on how much dough you need. It’s fast, easy, and inexpensive.

This crust works well for everything from pie and cobbler to quiche. It is light and flaky. The main trick is using a fork to combine the ingredients and don’t over mix. Separate the dough into balls based on how many layers you need. The dough does chill well if you need to store it overnight (or longer).

Roll the dough out between two sheets of waxed paper, approximately 1/4 inch thick. Remove one side of the waxed paper, using the other for support to place in the pan. Peel away once the dough is in position.

When using it as a pie crust or for a quiche, prick the bottom layer of dough with a fork and pre-bake for 10-15 minutes before adding the ingredients. Don’t bake until crisy, but allow the dough to toast a bit.

Ingredients Top/Bottom 9-inch pan
9 x 12, or top/bottom small pie pan 1 layer only, 9 or 8 inch
Flour 3 C 2 C 1 C
Salt 1 1/2 teaspoons 1 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon
Vegetable Oil 3/4 C vegetable oil 1/2 C vegetable oil 1/4 C vegetable oil
Cold Water
Add an ice cube to make sure it is cold
9 Tablespoons cold water 6 Tablespoons cold water 3 Tablespoons cold water


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