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Welcome to Kestrel Leather. I started making leather products to fulfill practical needs. In fact, function is my top priority. I wanted heavy use, durable products for my self and for my wife. It is the foundation of how I design and construct my products. I want them to last, to be functional (sometimes too much), to last a long time, and look good. It can be a delicate balance to get all those planets to line up, but I try hard.

I can make large orders of 20 wallets and 20 valet trays or I can make one of a kind projects. I like the repetition of making the same thing but my brain needs new projects and new designs. Stay tuned for limited edition pieces.

I love to talk about my work and products, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you come by my super cool building at 725 E. Coal Avenue in Gallup and see a vehicle parked on the West side, stop by and see me. If you don’t see a vehicle, call or text me at (505) 728.5248, message me on Facebook or Instagram, email me, (, Instagram message me,or send me smoke signals. Even better, set up a time with me ahead of arrival and I will be there to meet you.

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Navajo woven tote

Unique, One-of-a-kind Designs

Handwoven Navajo Totes

I introduced a new tote in 2021 using small handwoven Navajo rugs. A lot of time and work goes into each rug, from raising the sheep and dying the wool to weaving the final product. Each one is unique. The response to this product was overwhelming. The supply of rugs is limited and, so far, they are selling as fast as I can make them.

I don't cut the rug when I assemble the totes. It is all stitched together to preserve the integrity of the weaver's original work. If you removed the seams from the tote, you would have a small, intact Navajo rug.

In addition to the rotating rug supply, I have small stash of rugs by a talented weaver, Daisy Cowboy. She passed away a few years ago. Daisy had a unique style, embracing vivid colors and fun patterns. I will be listing one of the totes made with Daisy's woven artistry each month. Check back often if you are interested in one of the "Daisy of the Month" totes.

Collaboration with Local Navajo Weavers

Handmade Fiber Arts

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The one and only, original, grass fed, gluten free, sustainable, biodegradable leather products, using mainly good ol' cow leather for durability. Most of my leather is sourced locally; however, I also carry a line of sustainable, harvested, exotic leathers. I frequently use that type of leather for one-of-a-kind items. Keep your eyes open for those.

Located on Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico

1845 S 2nd Street
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 728-5248