In the center of New Mexico’s largest city, there is a place inspired by thousand-year-old master architects. The drum beats. The moccasins strike the earth in rhythmic prayers as they have since time immemorial. It is home to truths not told to you in school—truths about the large cities and international trade networks more than a millennium old, about the astronomers, grand architects, chemists, and masters of agricultural innovation who cultivated and shaped this land long before any European knew of its existence. This remarkable place is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC).

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Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The IPCC opened its doors in 1976 to serve as a central location to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture, educate visitors from near and far about the history and living cultures of the 19 pueblos of New Mexico, and support Pueblo and Native American artists through economic opportunities and development. It is an immersive, world-class museum and cultural center with permanent and rotating exhibits, recurring events and programming throughout the year, and Library & Archives for scholars of Pueblo and Native American studies.

The IPCC is the only place in North America to offer cultural Native American dances every week year-round, providing unprecedented access to centuries-old traditions of cultural heritage from dance groups from the 19 pueblos of New Mexico, as well as Plains style, Navajo, Apache, and Hopi dancers. An abundance of additional dances and activities takes place during American Indian Week and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge contained in the museum exhibits, there are additional opportunities to advance your knowledge, skill set, and worldview: cooking classes, lectures, and monthly Pueblo Book Club meetings. Throughout the year, the IPCC also hosts the Seasons of Growth learning series in the Resilience Garden, the Counter-Narrative lecture series, artist demonstrations, Stories by the Fireside, Pueblo Film Fest, Pueblo Shop and Stroll, the Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest, and more. Visit IPCC’s events section and follow the Facebook page to keep up with current event schedules, or see what’s happening when you plan to visit.

Pueblo Harvest CafePueblo Harvest

Also calling IPCC home is Pueblo Harvest, a full-service restaurant serving Native Sourced, Pueblo Inspired cuisine. From regional favorites to innovative pre-European-contact dishes highlighting indigenous ingredients, there is a treasure trove to tantalize the taste buds. Pueblo Harvest also has Party on the Patio every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday year-round, where a $12 cover gets you live music, all-you-can-eat horno-baked artisan pizzas and street tacos.

Shumakolowa Native Arts

Shumakolowa Native Arts is located within the IPCC, and for more than 40 years has been a trusted source for acquiring guaranteed-authentic Native American jewelry, pottery, and textiles in traditional and contemporary styles. Patrons can also shop for Native cooking ingredients, Pueblo-inspired home and kitchen wares, t-shirts, and the acclaimed and Congressionally recognized Pueblo Pottery Mug collection. Shumakolowa also features a thorough and carefully curated book selection for adults and children alike.

The IPCC is a remarkable place to visit, learn, shop, and dine, plus has 24,000 square feet of space available for weddings, meetings, seminars, graduations, luncheons, award ceremonies, or other functions, plus every level of catering and décor to meet your specific individual needs and desires. To create a truly unforgettable event, cultural experiences like a Native American storyteller or dance group can be added, or fun teambuilding events like frybread-making classes. Whether your event is large or small, IPCC offers centuries of hospitality focused on you.

There are many wonderful places to visit in New Mexico. It is a land blessed by vibrant cultures, natural wonders, panoramic vistas, brilliant artists, and fascinating history—but no vacation, business trip, or residency is complete without the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. What are you waiting for? Head there today!

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