Whereas I may have read too much sci-fi as a child, face masks are an obvious response to a global pandemic. However, there is a shortage of N-95 face masks available to healthcare providers and hospital staff and hording extends beyond toilet paper. Furthermore, face masks aren’t cheap. For example, maintaining a household supply would be cost prohibitive for many people, including front line, hourly workers.

household materials for face masksWhereas a homemade face mask is not as effective as a surgical mask or N95 respirator, experts say they are better than nothing for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Please add your tips/suggestions in the comments field below.

Making a Homemade Face Mask

You can make a homemade mask, even if you don’t know how to sew. There are numerous household items that filter air particles, reducing exposure to the virus. The best, commonly available fabric is tightly woven, 100% cotton, like denim, bed sheets, and heavyweight shirts. Avoid knits, like t-shirts and bandannas, because they are porous when they stretch. Also, pre-wash fabrics using hot water to kill germs and to pre-shrink the material.

Fase Mask | Templates and Patterns

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