Clafoutis logoThere are so many superlative compliments that you can make about Clafoutis Bakery and Restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Owned and operated by Anne Laure and Philippe Ligier, Clafoutis is a small family owned business. From humble beginnings, they have built an exceptional restaurant with a loyal following.

Anne Laure is the ultimate hostess and Philippe is a true maestro of French breads and pastries. The couple began their culinary adventures as teenagers in eastern France. They operated restaurants and bakeries in numerous places over the years, including southern France and Albuquerque, finally arriving in Santa Fe. Their oldest daughter, Charlotte Kolkmeyer, has worked with her parents throughout, becoming the consummate manager.

Clafoutis croissants

Everything at Clafoutis is fresh…the food, the delightful ambiance, and the crisp aromas that waft through the newly designed restaurant. Friendliness is another hallmark of Clafoutis. From the warm “Bonjour” from Anne to the attentiveness of Charlotte and the occasional smile of Philippe whe he pops out of the bakery, the scent of friendliness mixes warmly with the remarkable sweet and savory delights. If you are in the mood for fabulous French food in the City Different, Clafoutis is a must. From their Provençal omelette to Croque Madame to quiche, they provide a taste of France in the heart of Santa Fe. The ultimate compliment for Clafoutis is that, while there is always green chile on the menu, the restaurant is quintessentially French.

333 W Cordova Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 988-1809

Monday-Saturday: 7am-4pm

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