Central Grill logoLooking for the perfect place to unwind on a busy day – or even just the right spot to take the entire family for something delicious to eat? Look no further than Central Grill and Coffee Shop. With a large menu, featuring a variety of homemade favorites and comfort foods, guests are ensured to leave happy, with a full stomach, after dining at the best grill and coffee shop in Albuquerque.

Breakfast & Lunch

If it’s breakfast food in Albuquerque that you want, be ready for a treat! Fluffy pancakes and customized omelets are just a couple of the tantalizing dishes that they offer. Add whipped cream to your favorite pancakes to take your breakfast to a new level.

With grilled breakfast and lunch favorites, each diner will find something to delight their tastebuds. They offer old school classics with a new twist that brings customers coming back for more. Equipped with plenty of seating, their friendly staff makes sure that your experience is outstanding.

Central Grill pancakes with brieCoffee

Who doesn’t like a good cup of fresh coffee to unwind during their day? Central Grill and Coffee shop offers a huge variety of coffee in Albuquerque at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s iced coffee, a shot of Espresso, or just a plain cup of joe, they have the exact amount of pep for your step. Featuring Macchiatos, Mochas, and chai and blended smoothies, they’ll fulfill your thirst while offering you a cozy place to sit and relax.

Hungry? Don’t forget about the best grill items in Albuquerque. Maybe not wanting a full meal? Nibble on a sweet treat from our bakery while enjoying some of the finest coffee in Albuquerque. Remember those favorites of your childhood, consisting of wonderful sandwiches that drip with cheese. Their version of these classics will take your tastebuds into a new realm of deliciousness. Having one of the best burgers in Albuquerque is just one of their many accomplishments.


They cater if you are looking for a venue for your next event, from graduations to birthdays to weddings. Choose from a variety of dishes, soups, and salads and delight your guests with specialty made coffee treats as an added bonus.

Central Grill and Coffee House
2056 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
(505) 554-1424

Monday-Friday: 6:30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6:30am-3pm


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