Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Happy when hiking

New Mexico Attitude

Today I was reading a thread on social media that lamented the days of yore when ‘we,' as in New Mexicans, weren’t as violent....

Desert Hobbits in the Southwestern Shire

Driving in New Mexico often involves long hours spent in a car on roads with minimal traffic. The environment is conducive to prolonged, random...
Cow Outside of Las Cruces

Communing with Cows

I have a longstanding affinity for cows. That may be due to growing up on a farm. They like me. I like them. As...
Men wearing hats

Hats for Function and Fashion in New Mexico

Hats are prevalent in New Mexico and we are having more fun with the options than most of the country. I realized this several...


The community of Cerrillos exudes the rugged charm and rustic simplicity of the Old West. Cottonwoods line the dirt streets, with adobe homes surrounded...