Albukirky Seasonings logoAlbuKirky Seasonings is a small BBQ rub and sauce company based in the heart of the Land of Enchantment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their products specialize in bringing Southwestern flavors, particularly red and green chile, to traditional BBQ dishes.

Albukirky Seasonings KirkAbout Kirk

Founded in 2010 by Kirk Muncrief and his wife Cheryl, AlbuKirky Seasonings initially began with just one product…Red Chile BBQ Rub. Kirk purchased a Big Green Egg (smoker/grill) in 2009. He immediately developed a passion for fire and meat. This new interest took him to the spice aisle and soon he was developing his own rub for his grilled and smoked culinary creations. Initially, Kirk was drawn to the natural smokiness of roasted and dried red chile. He knew this would be a delicious alternative to the smoked paprika found in many rubs.

Once he perfected his Red Chile BBQ Rub, he painstakingly continued to develop his line of seasonings and sauces. All of his creations showcase the glorious flavors of New Mexican red and green chile, including his bestselling Green Chile Rub. Visit the AlbuKirky Seasonings website for a list of products and retailers, or place an order and have it delivered to your front door.

Albukirky Seasoning Green Chile Rub
Albukirky Seasonings Green Chile Rub

BBQ Sauces, Rubs & Jelly featuring the best of the Southwest!

Kirk and Cheryl share a love for food and are fearless in the kitchen. They cook from scratch and strive to increase their knowledge of food and cooking by learning as much as they can about tried and true processes handed down from generations of home cooks. For example, smoking, curing, preserving, fermenting, baking, etc. They enjoy bringing family and friends together for long conversations over a delicious homemade meal. Visit their AlbuKirky Seasonings blog to find their favorite recipes featuring their products.

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Albukirky Seasonings

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