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Goodwill Ambassador

New Mexico Nomad was created to promote New Mexico. The goal is to motivate locals, and people from around the world, to appreciate, explore, and enjoy what New Mexico has to offer. We want guests to feel like they have friends available to provide them with the inside scoop before they arrive. Success is based on visitors planning their next visit by the time they leave.

Online Concierge

The social media channels are interactive, relying heavily on interaction with people following the platform to encourage engagement. Fielding questions is part of the gig. The questions are as varied as the 320,000+ people following. Locals are often looking for the scoop on new places to eat or new trails to hike. Visitors want to know where to stay and what to see and do.

Digital DJ

The bandwidth of New Mexico Nomad is based on the number of posts on each social media platform weekly. Twitter and Facebook have more bandwidth than Instagram. The playlist consists of the content categories (travel, history, outdoor recreation, food, etc.) and marketing campaigns. Marketing partnerships focus on activity and travel related businesses and resources.

Celebrating the Beauty in Our Backyard

New Mexico Nomad is an online platform dedicated to celebrating the beauty, culture, heritage, and history of the Land of Enchantment. Most of the website traffic comes from the social media audience, with active platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Developing multiple platforms allows New Mexico Nomad to reach a broad, diverse, global audience.

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Daily dose of New Mexico

Though there are a significant number of New Mexicans following on social media, New Mexico Nomad doesn’t simply appeal to locals. The online community is a combination of local, national, and international followers, which makes Nomad a formidable marketing tool on behalf of local businesses.

Facebook has the largest local following and Twitter has the largest international following. Top countries include U.K., Australia, Canada, and Germany.

Adventures & Experiences

Activities and Tours statewide.

Dining Guide

Locally owned, delicious dining.

Events Promotion

Focus on large events with appeal beyond the local community.

Lodging Guide

Lodging, from budget to lavish.


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Bringing the best of what New Mexico has to offer to a global audience

In a social media environment fraught with conflict and provocation, New Mexico Nomad consistently positive, focusing on the culture, food, history, sights and resources available in the Land of Enchantment. The platforms have become a collaborative endeavor, with locals following on social media providing input and feedback for articles, as well as helping us field questions from other people in the comment threads. The additional insight provided by locals is “the secret sauce” that makes the platform a hospitable, warm, authentic, welcoming environment for everyone who loves New Mexico or wants to learn more about New Mexico.

We also use the social media platforms to crowd source suggestions for “Best Of” articles. Unlike annual “Best Of” resources on other media outlets, these crowd-sourced articles are updated frequently to integrate recommendations received in the comments and to update maps accordingly. They are perpetually “works in progress.”

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Marketing Partnerships

Local partnerships are based on allying with businesses who provide products or services that we would legitimately recommend to family and friends. All marketing campaigns are limited participation due to limited bandwidth on social media. The campaigns are annual, available exclusively to locally owned businesses or individuals, affordable, and effective.


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New Mexico Nomad’s content is unique and informative. It's valuable to locals and tourists alike. Read through some of the well-researched and well-written blogs offered.

Jenny K. Thomas

New Mexico

Working with New Mexico Nomad is a great partnership, We discuss direction and content strategy and let go. By allowing Nomad to control the narrative based on the audience’s needs, our messages are more authentic and tailored to create great engagement. In today’s social environment engagement is the new impressions, With New Mexico Nomad, it matters more than the great reach.

Andrew Phipps

Inn of the Mountain Gods

I love New Mexico Nomad!! The posts are always so beautiful and informative. They make me want to continue my exploration of this great state. I am taking notes on where to go when I return!!

Denise Barnett

New Mexico

New Mexico Nomad not only provides people with all of the important need to know information about New Mexico and all of the special qualities about it that only a TRUE New Mexican would know but, it has been such a pleasure to work with Nomad. They are so supportive of my business and have made time to help out with other ways to improve my social media output.

Celina Grife

Celina's Biscochitos

I love New Mexico Nomad! Now I get to add the pleasure of a little New Mexico in my daily life. Trips to Red River and Taos are few and far between. Thanks for holding me over until I can return.

Lauren Selsor


With Nomad, you provide expectations, goals you want to set, etc. They bring intelligence, foresight and expertise to the table, making people feel like they're not being shoe-horned into a solution or a buy, but rather fitted for a custom-tailored one-of-a-kind masterpiece suit that will work for all occasions. The key with Nomad is that they strive to get in your head and think it through with you.

Bill Lunsford

BBDO South, Atlanta

New Mexico Nomad brings my beautiful native state alive for me and others. Born and raised in northern NM, live in Albuquerque. Thanks for providing this treasure of a site.

Lydia Lopez

New Mexico

New Mexico Nomad lives and breathes New Mexico travel. They have helped Southwest Expeditions with all our media. They compile the most detailed, content factual, fun articles for our small company. It allows us to compete with much larger adventure tour companies!

David Crider

Southwest Expeditions

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